Programming Overview


Programs and courses for industry and professionals - This suite of programs, courses, and projects help industry sponsors raise their AI fluency, understand AI’s business value, and acquire skills they can apply in immediate impact areas.

"Our programming is for-the-job AI training that combines technically rigorous academic content with real life business applications to solve problems and create value."

Shingai Manjengwa - Technical Education Specialist, Vector Institute


AI Certificate Courses – Technical teams master AI’s mathematical foundations, machine learning fundamentals, and sophisticated deep learning and reinforcement learning algorithms before building models and applying them in case studies that tackle real business problems.

Endless Summer School – Vector researchers teach advanced technical skills and techniques in seminars that delve into the latest advances in AI domains. They distill academic papers into the critical insights practitioners need. Domains include, robotics, sequential decision making, recommender systems, and social computing.


Business Insights Series – Learn key elements of developing and executing an AI strategy. Senior leaders examine the opportunities and business implications of AI through guided case studies that introduce AI and delve into AI governance, project management, and the communication practices that support successful adoption.

Customized Workforce and Executive Training – Customized training for the workforce from frontline staff to executive tailored to the sponsor’s industry and unique AI challenges.

Introduction to AI – Educational product that offers a high-level overview of artificial intelligence, designed for individuals looking to gain introductory level knowledge about artificial intelligence and its relevance to industry.